It's Just Vina.

19 Years Old. I reside in San Diego, Ca. I sing, write, and play. I LOVE IT! I post whatever I like. Ask me anything...I answer:)
"How can you tell me the sky's the limit when there's footprints in the moon?"
Book Me. On my way to editorial.

Book Me. On my way to editorial.


"You’re so sensitive" …" You’re such a marshmallow"…"If you can’t take criticism maybe this isn’t for you"… 

This is all I’ve been hearing by people that I love. People I look up to. People that I actually take seriously. It hurts because you would think they understand when I ask “Can I tell my guard down with you?” and they say “Of course you can.” 

Let’s set the record straight. 

When I’m at work or school I’m one of the most poised, professional, confident, tough young women you will ever meet. I do BOTH of my jobs and I do them VERY well. Don’t take advantage of the fact that I let my guard down around and don’t get it confused either. I don’t want to be a bitter girl that talks about how she trusts no one. I know them … I see them… and I don’t want to be that. RESPECT THE FACT THAT I REFUSE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND HAVE TRUST ISSUES. BE HAPPY THAT I WANT YOU THERE BY MY SIDE AND DONT SHOOT ME DOWN WHEN I NEED TO TAKE A BREAK. JUST LET ME BREATHE PLEASE….

That’s all I want is a breath. I won’t go into how I do this that and the third… Just know that yes, I’m 21 but I still need that shoulder to rest on. Take pride that you’re that shoulder. To all those who have said these things to me….I still love you.